April Health Topics

To my dear Tindley Temple Family,

This has been a strange time in the church as well as the world. Things have changed. We have been required to “shelter-in-place” and stay at home. We can go out to work if we are “essential employees”, have doctor appointments, to get medications, get groceries, or get exercise. When we are out, we must maintain “social distancing”, that is to stay 6 feet away, from others. Some markets have even put tape on the floors and in the cashiers’ line to keep us 6 feet from the person in front or the person behind us. There is a shortage of hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks. If we have loved ones in a Nursing Home, we are not permitted to visit them. If we have loved ones in the hospital, we are not allowed to visit them either. We can’t even see our friends. This is so frightening. What’s even more frightening than any of these precautions is that we might get the coronavirus or that someone we love may get it. We could die or they could die. 

But I want you to know that while we must obey all those things listed above, you are not alone, your biological family is not alone, and the members of Tindley are not alone. God is with us and has promised to never leave us or forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6, Isaiah 41:10) He sees all and knows all. (Proverbs 5:21) He never slumbers nor does He sleep. (Psalm 121:1) He is not surprised or dismayed (Jeremiah 29: 11). Our times and our lives are in His Hands. (Psalm 31:15)

Remember, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid (give us a spirit of fear), but gives power, love, and self-discipline (a sound mind), (2Timothy 1:7). This does not mean that you won’t feel afraid because that is a human emotion. A spirit of fear can happen because of an impending sense of threat or danger whether it is real or imagined much like what is happening in our world because of an invisible enemy, the coronavirus. God sees all things invisible and visible. Nothing is hidden from Him. I heard something on my phone from Tyler Perry who started singing a song and passed it on to others. Maybe you heard it too: “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. I remember singing it in elementary school, do you? It is truer now than ever before. Here are the lyrics:

(He’s got the whole world in His Hands. He’s got the whole world in His Hands. He’s got the whole world in His Hands. He’s got the whole world in His Hands.

(He’s got you and me sister, He’s got you and me brother… and the next one You remember He’s got the little bitty baby… Can you add another lyric)? 

Also remember in the lyrics of the song by Hezekiah Walker, “Better” that he sings “God is in Control”. Indeed, He is!!!!!

Please take good care of yourselves:


Pray!!! Pick a prayer partner(s) and pray together.

Read!!!  Read Scriptures and pick ones that will encourage you and others like the ones listed above or Psalm 90, 91, or 121. Read your favorites. Read other books that you enjoy.

Sing!!! Sing hymns or Praise songs.

Exercise!!! If you can’t go out, you can walk around your table or up and down the stairs if you can do it safely.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice) turn the faucet off with a paper towel afterwards.

Protect yourself and others!!! Stay 6 feet from others except for persons in your household.

Reach out and touch someone!!! Contact family and friends by phone or email.

Laugh!!! Watch comedy shows on TV, the ones that make you laugh.

Family and friends!!! Spend time with those in your household.

Take care of your health!!! Eat well, take your medications as they are ordered and watch your diet.


Please don’t watch the news all day for updates on the spread of the coronavirus pick a time and watch. It is very stressful to continue to do that. Watching the news continually can adversely affect your emotion, mental and physical health. What you hear is how many persons test positive and how many have died. What you don’t hear is how many people survive and are discharged home.

Please do not disobey all the instructions given to us from our city, state and national leaders. These instructions are put in place to not only keep you safe but others as well.

Dear Father, 

Please protect and keep our Pastor, Rev. Johnson, his family, the staff and the entire congregation of Tindley Temple. Please bless and keep each one safe as well as those that they love and care about. Keep them in health in their body, mind, and spirit. Meet every single need that each may have. Remind them of your love and care just as you gave manna in the desert for the Israelites in the wilderness. Grant them your peace that passes all understanding and keep their minds stayed on you.  Thank you so much in the Name of Jesus. Amen

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