God created us all, big and small. Welcome to our Children’s ministry!
Here you will find lessons, activities and videos to educate your little one on our father God all while being fun and interactive. 
This week’s lesson is the story of Job: Job 1-42. Below you will find videos and links to activity pages to help teach about the story of a man named Job whom God allowed to be attacked by Satan.
Through these attacks, Job loses everything important to him – his family, wealth, prestige and health. Friends came to comfort Job, but they offered him bad advice, questioned Job’s character, and they drew false conclusions from events. In the end, God showed Job that He is sovereign and can be trusted entirely. Job humbles himself before God and confesses that the ways of God are beyond his understanding. Throughout his story, Job remains faithful to God. In the end, God blesses Job with far more wealth than he had before.