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                      Summer 2022























                                                         Rev. Robert L. Johnson, Senior Pastor


What’s new at the temple!

This segment gives you a thumbnail sketch of what’s new here at the church. This is a time for us to rejoice and to be informed as to the needs and celebrations that we have accomplished over the past year.


New editions!


We welcome our new administrative assistant Mrs. Tracey Sheed. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and is a great addition to the front desk. The role of the administrative assistant has changed, and her duties will include but not limited to the following: booking rentals, keeping electronic files up to date, in putting the giving information as well as sending quarterly statements to the members as to the status of their giving, keeping the church calendar and many other duties that are too numerous to name here. Please look at her bio and if you have an opportunity, please call the church to welcome her.


We have an addition to the board of trustees in Mr. Lafayette Charleston. He is the husband of Kim Wilson Charleston a longtime member of our church. We welcome him as he is learning his role as transportation director and building troubleshooter. He is very enthusiastic and is someone that will play a pivotal role as we begin to move our church forward. Welcome Lafayette.

Welcome back Wayne Rhodes. After two unsuccessful attempts at finding a building engineer we welcome back Mr. Wayne Rhodes as our Sexton. He has been indispensable in keeping the sanctuary and common areas clean and sanitized during the time of covid, with the numbers rising in the church meeting in person it is more important that we have someone that can do the cleaning protocols correctly. We welcome him back and looking forward to work with him.

Building and repairs

our trustee board is doing an adequate job and trying to keep up with the various needs of our church. As our current church building approaches 100 years old it can be a daunting task trying to keep up with all the maintenance needs of a building our size and age. Thanks so much to the board of trustees for all that they do in trying to stay ahead of current and future problems. With there are some improvements that have been made over the past year that we would like to inform you of.

Chapel roof restoration

The church has experienced a major pipe failure in the Chapel roof and breezeway. This had caused major damage to the flooring walls roofing and Chapel which needed to be repaired. These repairs were completed and there is no longer water damage in these areas, a new floor was put in place and the Chapel walls were repaired. The board of trustees will be looking over the next year to restore and repair the pews in the Chapel as well as adding the necessary decor for the Chapel. We look forward to any input that you may have as we proceed. There are still some outstanding projects that need to be completed but we are working on them as time and finances allow.

New church surveillance system and phone system.

The church has a new phone system which works over our Internet. This system has greatly decreased cost over what we were paying with the old phone system which had not been updated in some 30 years. We have also upgraded our Internet so that we can stream more efficiently and have a better line of coverage in both buildings. We have also hired Internet tech solutions as our IT firm that is responsible for the technology infrastructure, phone, Internet and wiring for the building as we move forward. We also have a new surveillance system with various cameras around the building that will help keep our church safe. We are currently working on a new alarm system that will help us to be more secure as we move forward in these troublesome times.

Future ministry vision.

We are looking to enhance and pushing towards implementation of new ministry in the life of our church. We are looking to be more involved in the community by way of community engagement through our music ministry which will be enhanced as well as our outreach through blessings of hope, and a restructured soup kitchen. We are also looking for the opportunity to get our van ministry up and running so that we can be in ministry with children youth and seniors as we begin to broaden our horizons and make steps toward being a vital congregation. We have a new video ministry team that will start expanding their role in July of 2022. The church has purchased its own streaming equipment and now we are looking for persons who would like to be involved to see Rev. Griffin as she gives leadership to this new initiative. Starting in July the new team will be giving leadership through streaming on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, with the hope that come the fall there will be full time for Sunday a month. We will still be having RLJ media ministries as a backup just in case there is a lag. Through our streaming broadcast, our 777 prayer, Bible study and small group ministries we are moving toward helping others see Jesus and making a step to accepting him for themselves. Some of the major changes will be in our worship structure as we will attempt to blend our services purposely toward growth. This approach as well as ministry implementation will help us to become more vital in the community.

Some of the proposed ministry options will be and outdoor service, movies under the stars, community day 2022, blessings of hope food giveaway (once per quarter) special annual days and much more. We invite you to celebrate with us as we turn a new page in ministry.

Welcome Back Pastor Johnson!!!

We welcome back our pastor reverend Robert L Johnson for his eighth year as our pastor here at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church. Pastor Johnson will be entering his 30th year of ministry, 27 of those years here in eastern Pennsylvania and three years in West Ohio conference. During his tenure here he has led our church with visionary leadership and as a son of the church he has proven to be more than capable to bring vision inspired leadership to this church for years to come. We are happy that he has been reappointed as our pastor for at least one more year. There will be a time of celebration soon.


New Bible study series.

Join our pastors as they teach a new Bible study series on fruit of the spirit. Please take time to read Galatians 5: 22 – 23 As we take a deep dive into the fruits of the spirit. Just a reminder that the Bible studies are on our virtual platforms only. 6:30 PM Monday nights with prayer to follow at 7 PM. 

Just a reminder that during the months of July and August Bible study will be on hiatus. Enjoy your summer as pastor will need a much-needed rest to enjoy his family and vacation. We will be resuming in September.

~ Pastor Johnson 




 MUSIC MINISTRY – Musicians & Soloist paid a total of $2,050.

CONFERENCE – $6,317.40

UTILITIES – $13,509.35


MISCELLANEOUS (copier, burglary/fire alarms system, trash pick up, extermination,

inclement weather services) $8,837.10

Snyder Heating – $1,000.00

J&S Fire Protection – $588.06

Engineer Tech Solutions – $2,312.00

Bus maintenance – $147.13

WB Mason payoff – $811.98

MUSIC MINISTRY – Musicians & Soloist paid a total of $2,050.



 Church Events:


Juneteenth Day – June 19th

  • Charles Tindley Day – July 10th
  • Community Day- August
  • Unity Day- September 18th
  • Pastor appreciation- October
  • All Saints Day- November 6th
  • 185th Church anniversary- November 20th

Christmas Concert- December 4th

 Wednesday’s – Virtual Bible Study, 6:30 p.m.

  • Don’t forget about our 777 Prayers

7 Days a week at 7:00PM for 7 Min  







My name is Tracey Sheed. I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I have been married for 32years and we have 9 children and 4 grandbabies. For the past year I was a stay-at-home mom. I was taking care of my mother until her untimely death in 2020. Before that I work for NCO a government agency contract by the dept of education for student loans. During my first two years there I was collector. Then advance on to work in Administration.  I had a wonder boss and work with some kind loving staff. We work as a team to reach our goals and expectation that the company required. During my years there I was the go-to person. If you needed anything I was always willing to help. I learn a skill how to become a decorator. When occasion came around, I would always volunteer to help. It’s a skill that I have mastered now. I always been a people person. I do my best to always be polite, understanding, listening and understand whatever needs to be addressed. Given this opportunity here at Tindley Temple will help my growth and allow me to continue being a blessing to others. I want to thank the pastor and all the staff for making me feel so at home welcome. Because it’s a lot of new things I’m learning everyone please be patient as I learn all about Tindley and the systems. A little more side into who I am. I live in a neighborhood where drugs and trash is a problem. In 2018 I became the block captain of 64 houses. It has many challenges but I’m doing my best to work with the community to keep our block as safe and clean as possible. Then there is my favorite thing I do. I’m a cheer mom for North Philly Aztecs. I’ve been volunteering for past 7years. My boys play football my girl’s cheer. We often travel for games to different cities. I belong to 2 churches. If you want knowledge to why it’s a long story. Short version I attend one church, but the other church calls me and always makes me a member. They just love me there. I’m active in that church even though I’m not a member. I gave a whole life story but when I take a job its not just a working place for me. I believe in strong foundation to make anything work and to grow. Pastor and Tindley family thanks again for bring me on board.




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